This section draws together a range of information about sea kayaks using links to discussions on the Community Forum, articles, links to external articles and reviews both from UK Sea Kayak Guidebook's own Review Section and links to external reviews. For ideas on repairs, maintenance, modifications and things to make, click here. If you'd like to contribute an article or a link, your contribution is very welcome. Boat reviews are especially welcome. The Retailers Page has links to boat retailers and manufacturers own website, and also for clothing and equipment retailers and manufacturers websites. See the Equipment Page for information about everything from backrests to spraydecks and waterprooof map cases.

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Specific Boats

Angmassalik / Angmagssalik - See this discussion for what are believed to be pics of a f/glass version of it. This discussion looks at thoughts on reviving the design.

Baidarka Explorer - discussion

Dagger Alchemy 09 vs Wilderness Tsunami 140 - discussion

DBX Surf Boats - discussion

Epic 18X - from the Chesapeake Paddler's forum - review and comments

Feathercraft Klondike - Helen McKenna's first impression's of a folder.

GBA sea kayaks - discussion relating to GBA boats.

Great River Canoes have some great looking cedar-strip kayaks and canoes.

Island Kayaks - Qaarsut - discussion

Island Kayaks - Expedition - discussion

Kaspian Sea Kayaks - review of the SK18 Expedition and HV17 Touring sea kayaks by Mark Rainsley.

Kester Canoes - Torridon

Klepper - discussion

Mega Neutron (surf boat) - discussion

NDK Greenlander Race - discussion

NDK Romany Explorer - the Explorer is mentioned here (in the discussion on P&H Capella above) and in this discussion

NDK Romany Explorer or Valley Nordkapp? - discussion

Northshore - discussion

Northshore Atlantic RM. This discussion compares the composite and RM versions.

Perception Carolina - discussion here and mentioned in this discussion

Perception Essence - this discussion compares the Essence with the Valley Aquanaut HV RM.

P&H Bahiya - discussion

P&H Baidarka - discussion (with pics) - also here

P&H Capella - discussion with some history.

P&H Capella / Orion / Quest - discussion.

P&H Cetus - discussion with some first impressions / initial reviews. See also this discussion - also referenced in this one. Douglas Wilcox's blog has a detailed review.

P&H Cetus / Scorpio - discussion with comparison.

P&H Delphin 155 - reviewed by Douglas Wilcox. See also this discussion which notes the Aries as well.

P&H Iceflow - discussion - reviewed here

P&H Quest - discussion here, more here, here and here

P&H Siriuis - discussion

Point 65°N - K1RS & K1XP - reviews by Douglas Wilcox and Niall Duncanson.

Point 65°N - XP 18 - discussion - see also this discussion.

Rockhopper 340 - "road test" here, here and here. All with some "action pics".

Rockpool Alaw - review. Click here for Douglas Wilcox's impression of the Alaw Bach and here for the Alaw and Alaw Bach. This discussion also offers a variety of impressions. As does this discussion.

Rockpool GT - from Expedition Kayaks in Australia, an excellent review by Rob Mercer (pdf).This discussion provides an impression of the Rockpool GT.

Rockpool Menai 18 and the Alaw are mentioned in this discussion - see also this discussion for impressions of the Menai 18. This discussion references the Menai 18 and the Tiderace Xplore.

Rockpool Taran - discussion, with pics. See this discusson to compare with the Tiderace 17.

"Shark" kayaks - a budget range that seems to be attracting some attention - discussion

Skim Dex - discussion with a review.

Tahemarine Greenland - discussion here and here.

Tahe Reval - discussion.

Tiderace - various models are reviewed on the Tiderace website.

Tiderace 17 - see this discusson to compare with the Tiderace 17 with the Rockpool Taran.

Tiderace - this discussion references the Menai 18 and the Tiderace Xplore. The Xplore is reviewed in some depth by Paul Stivers, Oregon.

Tiderace Excite - this discussion includes a very detailed comparison of the Nordkapp LV and the Tiderace Excite.

Tiderace Xcape X - discussion and review.

Tiderace Xplore, P&H Cetus, Rockpool GT, Xplore X - detailed discussion.

Trylon Sea Hawk - see this discussion for what are believed to be pics of it.

Trylon Sea King - discussion here - also mentioned here in a discussion on the Anas Acuta. A modern version of it is now being made by Trinity Kayaks in Pauillac, France. See also this discussion for some pics and comments.

Valley Anas Acuta - discussions here, and here. This discussion on modifying an Anas is also relevant to the boat's general handling.

Valley Aquanaut - the Aquanaut (and Avocet) are mentioned in this discussion and also here. This discussion compares the HV RM to the Perception Essence.

Valley Etain. Also see this discussion.

Valley Nordkapp - article with a summary of the Nordkapp's history, pictures and various links. These include reviews, relevant forum discussions on the various different models, and external links to lots of other Nordkapp related material. There is also some background to Greenland kayaking.

Valley Qajariaq - discussion.

Valley Selkie - pdf of the 1985 (?) brochure advertising the Selkie. There's a picture of one in this discussion.

Valley Sirona - discussion.

Valley Skerray - see also this discussion regarding a problem with "dead legs" in a RM Skerry.

Valley Weekender.

Venture Jura - discussion.

Wilderness Tsunami 140 vs Dagger Alchemy 09 - discussion.

Wye Kayaks Islander - discussion.


General / Misc Material

Back rests - see the DIY & Repairs page

Ballasting sea kayaks / altering seats to improve stability - discusion. See this excellent article on using dive weights to add ballast.

Boat packing / hints & tips - discussion. Sea Kayaker magazine has a .pdf with a packing diagram.

Boat reviews can be found on the US site - very US orientated of course, but most of the popular British boats are included. There are also some boat reviews here on UKSKGB's Reviews page.

Choosing sea boats - discussion here and here that includes thoughts on boat choice & design. This discussion on "day boat / expedition boat" choice includes thoughts on boat size relative to paddler size and gear. This discussion covers plastic v f/glass as well as Seayak, Romany Explorer, Nordkapp & Capella. See this discussion on boats for "the larger paddler". And also this discussion on boats for "the smaller paddler" and children, as does this discussion. This discussion deals with the popular UK boats and paddler perception. This discussion gives some ideas for choosing a double sea kayak, as does this one.

Choosing sea boats - here's a massive directory of just about every sea boat available in Europe. Although a bit out of date now (1998) this article on choosing a sea kayak by Altlantic Kayak Tours is worth a look. This article from One Ocean Kayaks gives a lot of insight into the factors involved in making a choice and includes an excellent insight into primary and secondary stability. So does this article from Seakayak Chesapeake Bay. As does this one from Guillemot Kayaks. Canoe and Kayak UK reviewed some popular plastic sea boats. Pam's blog "Kayak across the water" includes this excellent table with statistics on a wide range of (mainly British) boats.

Choosing a surf kayak - discussion. See also here and here

Diolen or kevlar? - discussion

Folding Boats - see this discussion for thoughts on Klepper, Folbot, Pouchboats and others. Folding is a forum dedicated to folders and aligns to the interesting site run by Michael Edelman. Tom Yost can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about DIY folding boats. Wayland Folding Kayaks offer, apart from their own range, what seems to be a comprehensive range of accessories, replacement parts and information. This discussion is about a variety of folding boats.

Getting started - first boat, general advice etc - Discussions here and here.

Greenland Kayaks - interesting .pdf with a lot of historical background. Thanks to Erling for the original .pdf. Duncan Winning kindly provided an article on the history of the Greenland kayak, incorporating the "family tree" of some 43 different craft. There is also a very detailed history of the Greenland Kayak's importance to UK sea kayaking entitled "It's Inuit". A version of this article also appears in Sea Kayaker magazine. The History page has a number of links to useful historical background.

How a fiberglass boat is built - interesting article from on how these boats are built.

Hydrodynamics - what makes for a "fast" boat?

Hydrofoil Kayak - "The Flyak" is still under development.

Insurance for sea kayaks - discussion

Outfitting and modifying sea kayaks - see the DIY, Repairs & Modifications page

Plastic sea kayaks - discussion

Plastic sea kayaks - group test of the Point65 Crunch, Valley Avocet and Aquanaut and P&H Capella 166.

Plastic surf kayaks - discussion here and here

Repairs - see the DIY, Repairs & Modifications page

Sails - see the Equipment page.

Seats - see the DIY & Repairs page

Skegs - see the Technique Page for details on how to use them and the Repairs & Modifications page for how to fix them.

Take-apart / multi-part kayaks - excellent website by Marcus Demuth on his experiences. For DIY'ing the job, see the Repairs & DIY Pages.


Building Your Own Boat

Andy Waddington's site is worth a visit if you're planning on building a wooden boat - he seems to produce some fascinating and elegant solutions.

Building your own folding boats - Tom Yost can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about DIY folding boats.

Bryan Hansell's site is well worth a visit for ideas and plans, and a host of other sea-kayking related things.

Chesapeake Light Craft - sell kits and designs for kayaks. Here's some great pics of the build of a Chesapeake 17. Shaman Kayaks is also well worth a look for the wonderful images of boats, paddles and other traditional goodies.

Dougs Boat Page could give you some boat-building ideas as well as designs.

Driftwood & scraps - yes, it is possible to build a kayak from the driftwood you'll find on a beach.

Fyne Boat Kits in Cumbria, UK, offer some pretty looking kayak plans & kits.

Guillemot Kayaks offer a variety of designs in wood, including two doubles and they have a massive links/articles page on self build kayaks

Igdlorssuit kayak - also known as the "Ken Taylor kayak", this series of articles from Bryan Hansell details the build of a cedar strip replica of the boat which spawned the Anas Acuta, arguably the father of a great many current designs. Well worth reading for generic self-build tips.

"John & BJ's Place" has a nice page on the various types of self-build boats

Laughing Loon offer plans and kits.

Mikebelluk designed and built a rather splendid boat from "21 metres of western red cedar decking". His blog documents the build.

New South Wales Sea Kayak Club offer useful info on building boats.

Nick Schade's book on building strip built kayaks might be worth reading.

One Ocean Kayaks in the US offer a wide range of strip built and stich and glue designs, including a double. Their picture guide to the build process for a wood strip construction boat is excellent.

Outer-Island woodstrip kayak - this site offers some building tips, including a very neat method of fitting VCP type hatches to a curved deck.

Redfish have wooden kayak designs.

Ross Leidy's Kayak Building site is worthy of a visit - not content with just buying a kit and building it, this man designed his own software to design the boat - and then goes on to make his own wooden "J" cradles, paddle and a fibreglass seat.

Selway Fisher in Wiltshire, UK, offer a range of DIY designs. Their links page provides a massive range of self-build related links.

Shrike - a lightweight sea kayak for home constuction." As of end July 2014, 454 copies of the plans downloaded to 34 different countries, with construction underway from Estonia to Dubai to Florida to Canada and even Portsmouth".

Skin-on-frame - building a traditional kayak - a fantastic picture set. Want to build one? Anders Thygesen is your man, although you'll need to go to Norway. Sue Ellcome did - she built a beautiful sof boat. This article on Wolfgang Brinck's site also contains superb pictures and outlines the build process.

Three-part (or two-part) kayaks - "Ceegee" modified a standard Rockpool to make a three-part version - a truly amazing job. These three posts detail the work involved - Initial thoughts - Part 1 and Part 2 of the job.

Tom's Guillemot is truly a wonderous thing of beauty.

Traditional boats, techniques and paddle designs can all be found on Qujaq USA's great site.

WaveLength, an excellent Canadian magazine with an on-line version, is worth checking for articles and advertisers working in the self-build area.


Sailing Sea Kayaks

Sailing sea kayaks - Douglas Wilcox has a lot of information on fitting and using sails on sea kayaks on his blog. See also the Equipment page.

Demo opportunities for sea kayak sailing - Scotland: KariTek. England: Go-Kayaking. Wales: Sea Kayaking Wales.

Laurie Ford offers some thoughts on sails (and many other subjects!) on his site - some good pics of kayaks under sail in biiiiiig seas.

From Tasmania, the Maatsuyker Canoe Club has some pics of kayaks with sails and some stunning paddling pics.

Again from Maatsuyker, this article has some designs.

The New South Wales Kayak Club has a link to a simple sail design and this article gives some ideas.

"Gnarlydog" offers some thoughts on DIY kayak sails in his blog - well worth looking at as it also includes a mass of detail on building and mounting the mast.

Probably from the States, this has got to be the ultimate sailing sea-kayak - try capsizing this one.


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