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General / Misc

Easy Reference Sheets - Scotland - Western England & Wales - Eastern England - Summary sheets with paddling speed calculators, wind speed chart, CG contact & MSI Broadcast Times, Marine VHF channels - (.PDF)

Falls of Lora - discussion

Maps overlaid with tidal data - Ricb250 produced this excellent resource. Click into the relevant area until the tidal stream info appears.

Moon Phases - useful for trip planning.

Tidal constants relative to Dover from SeaAngler.com - the free booklet from Marinecall Weather Services is also worth having as it gives tide times for Dover, Plymouth and Portsmouth together with constants for 70 ports round UK.

Tidal flows / rates (Rule of 12ths - Rule of 3rds - 50/90 Rule) - discussion. This discussion about tides and strange tidal behaviour gives a lot of background.

Tidal flows - Rule of 3rds - useful Fact Sheet from Cailean MacLeod. (.PDF)

Tidal Planning - useful Fact Sheet from Cailean MacLeod. (.PDF)

Tidal Planning Matrix - handy worksheet to help in working out tides from Cailean MacLeod. (.PDF)

Tidal stream atlases - list of publications. Pilots - Imray pilots (incs Clyde Cruising Club). Admiralty publications.

Tides, Inshore Waters & Shipping Forecast, MSI Broadcast Times, Surf and Synoptic charts - Synopsis of useful resources, all in one location.

Tidal planning - paddling speed - see this excellent work by Julian Patrick on calculating time, taking tide into account which includes downloads for his "crib sheet" and Anglesey tidal constants.

Understanding tides - UKDivers.net has an excellent article explaining how tides work. Also includes moon phases and "Rule of 12ths". Their description and diagram of why there are two tides daily may be a little inaccurate - the description here is possibly more plausible. See also this discussion on "unusual" tides. This article by Phil Clegg provides a broad overview of how tides work, and factors to take account of including explanations of the various "rules".


Tide Calculators

Check the Tides at UKHO with EasyTide - free 7 day tidal forecasts with a "pay" option to get longer term data. Nice graphs. See also Tides4Fishing.com for free predictions for 2013.

14 day Tidal info for the UK - accessed via YBW.com

Kimmeridge tide times. Details for Kimmeridge in Dorset - http://www.coastlink.org/kimmeridge/tides.html

Kyle Akin tidal constants. Very specific info for Kyle Akin on Skye - potentially useful for anyone doing a course in the area.

XTide - free tides to 2037 for most standard ports.


Surf & Wave Prediction Data Sources

A1 Surf - viewer friendly surf site with wave data, forecasts and summaries for all the major surf spots in the UK.

Coastal Observatory for the Irish Sea and Liverpool Bay - some interesting data, presented well.

Global Surfari - a "Google gadget" for your desktop - provides surf predictions and forecasts for surfing spots across the globe.

MagicSeaweed.com brings you the latest surf forecasts, surf reports, surf webcams, wave buoys and other surfing resources.

National Data Bouy Centre - the original data source for most of the previous sites, this takes you straight to the raw info!

NOAA weather buoys See what's coming, wind speed, direction, air temp, dew point, air pressure and trend, wave height, period and sea temp.

Wavenet, DEFRA's "Strategic Wave Monitoring Network for England and Wales" - lots of good stuff on waves, including bouy data for England & Wales.


(Updated 23-Oct-2015 )