Immature grey seal pup - Pic: Douglas Wilcox - Scottish Sea Kayaking Photo Gallery

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Birdwatching - discussion

Binoculars - discussion. Advice from Paddling.net on selecting binoculars. Opicstalk.com have a forum dedicated to binoculars. So does Birdforum.

Environmental Guidelines from the SCA Touring section - includes details of sensitive periods for wildlife etc.

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

Islay Birding offer birdwatching and bushcraft courses on Islay.

Lymes disease - see Ticks.

Midges (the dreaded Scottish midge - the scourge of the Highlands!) - Midge Forecast. Midge Repellant and other strategies to keep the little darlings away (or not) - discussion

Mink on a Mission - short article about an aquatic mink on Loch Lomond.

Orca breaching! Great movie showing an Orca breaching - sadly, it's a "fake" (see here - done for advertising apparently), but good fun! Don't even bother trying to download without Broadband though as it's 2meg. Thanks to Clive Joyner for the file.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - masses of info to help identify that seabird.

Scottish Marine Wildlife Code has some thoughts and ideas on enjoying our natural wildlife.

Scottish National Heritage publishes useful information regarding protected species in Scotland - which includes seals, otters and dolphins etc. Includes links to maps showing designated seal haul-out areas which are best avoided.

Sea Birds - National Trust for Scotland's website has info on seabirds breeding on their properties.

Sea Otters - discussion. And, from the IOSF rehabilitation centre on the Isle of Skye, here's some on webcam.

Seals (in English waters) - discussion

Seal - fantastic pictures and Quicktime movies of a friendly seal, by John Willacy.

Seal Rescue - discussion

Sharks (in Scottish Waters) - discussion

Ticks - potentially very dangerous as they can carry Lymes disease, which you really don't want! See this discussion. See also this article from the US PubMedHealth site, and this article from NHS.uk. Various methods of removing them (including the "O'Tom Tick Removal Tool") and additional information are detailed in this article from the Lyme Disease Association.

Whale on the Solway - sad news of a whale which died on the Solway - this discussion contains pics of the body and general background news.

Whales - superb PowerPoint show with wonderful images.

Wildcoast-usa.com is "Dedicated To the Preservation of Endangered Species and Threatened Coastal Wildlands of the Americas"




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