SCA "Luxury at Loch Leven" - Feb 05
Pics by Helen McKenna & Mike Buckley
Feb 2005

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View SW to Sgorr Dhearg Setting off. DIfficult paddling conditions! Helen & Dave's Feathercraft - Pap of Glencoe in the background. Scottish sea-kayaking conditions at their best!
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  The start of the Narrows in the foreground - view West from the top of the Narrows The view into the glen below Meall Garbh, from the narrows. Under sail down the loch. SCA under "umbrella" - Robert Hill relaxing. Looking into Glencoe.
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Glencoe basking in the February sunshine. Pap of Glencoe & Sgorr nam Fiannaidh Pap of Glencoe framed by trees on the McDonald Burial Isle. Burial place of the McDonalds of Glencoe. Slate gravestones, each with numerous chunks of "fools gold" embedded in them.
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A fairly formal dinner on Saturday night. Launching from the slip by the Loch Leven Hotel. View under the Ballachulish Bridge, Mull in the background. View east to the Ballachulish Bridge, at the mouth of Loch Leven. SW down Loch Linne - the hills of Morven behind the group.