Outfitting Sea Kayaks

Mike Woods' wonderful way of storing a drogue on deck! (Pic: Mike Woods)

Sea kayaks are highly original things - they come from the mould as standard craft, yet nearly every paddler likes to adapt or improve the original design in some way - perhaps by the simple addition of extra bungee cord or something more complex such as a specialised pump installation.

Arguably it's one of the joys of sea kayaking, the ability to personalise your craft to your own needs, to create something unique, to experiment.

Many of the modifications or adaptations outlined here are available as "off the shelf" items but many are the product of the individual's own ingenuity or the need to devise something to fulfill a specific functional or safety need.

Adapting a fibreglass or kevlar craft may be easier than working on a plastic one, but it is possible to make additions to them, as this article shows.


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I'd welcome any thoughts, input, ideas or suggestions either on the concepts here, or on any other ideas you use yourself or have seen someone else using, so please feel free to contact me if you can add to this in any way.


Mike Buckley - October, 2004.  
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