Kester Canoes - Torridon

In 2009 a query was posted by "gododdin" on the forum - "I was given a sea kayak! Yahoo!!! Now, the kayak is a bit old (but I don't look a gift-horse in the mouth!) and I was wondering if anyone can give me any info about the maker etc. There is a sticker on the inside which reads:

Kester Canoes
Serial Number: T515
Proprietor: C.M. Newell, Crogo Bridge, Corock, Castle Douglas, DG7 3DR"

Some research later and he reports - "apparently mine is a kayak called a 'Torridon'. It was made by Chris Newell who has now retired (and is in his 80's I believe). This is from

The Torridon, a classic single seat design by Chris Newell. A fast but stable, roomy but nimble expedition kayak which became the first choice for Scottish outdoor centre fleets in the 70's and 80's. Used for the first continous descent of the Missouri and Misisippi Rivers (Nicholas Francis, longest solo river trip by canoe - Guiness Book of Records).

"Chris Bolton" comments "I've managed to find the text of the whole book (Mississippi Madness) about the trip online at: - There's an image on the cover - does that look like your boat?

It then all went quiet until 2014, when "PeterC" is prompted to report a Torridon for sale on eBay - the seller kindly agreed to let me copy his pictures for this article. The original full discussion is here.

Mike Buckley - May 2014

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