Bute, on the Clyde - Pic: Mike Buckley

Unless otherwise noted, these are PDF versions of material available on UKSKGB either as a webpage or as a PDF. Links to external sources are included where it's thought that the material is useful and there doesn't seem to be any point in creating a duplicate for UKSKGB.

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General / Safety    
Beaufort Scale for Sea Kayakers
Understanding wind speed - Mike Buckley
Understanding buoyage - Cailean MacLeod
BCU 1-3 Star Tests, 4-5 Star Leader Awards and Coaching Awards.
Details of the BCU Personal Skills Awards, the 1 - 3 Star Awards - (external link to BCU)
Choosing a sea kayak - market survey
Choosing sea boats - massive directory of just about every sea boat available in Europe. (External link)
Choosing a sea kayak - thoughts
Well worth a read although it's a bit old - (external link to Atlantic Kayak Tours)
Clothing - care of
Cleaning, maintaining and storing garments made from breathable fabrics - (external link to Kokatat)
Easy Reference Sheet - Scotland
Summary sheet for Scotland - with paddling speed calculators, wind speed chart, Rule of 3rds, CG contacts & MSI Broadcast Times, Marine VHF channels, 1st aid, home contact etc - Mike Buckley and others.
Easy Reference Sheet - West
Summary sheet for Western England & Wales - content as above.
Easy Reference Sheet - East
Summary sheet for Eastern England - content as above.
Details of the party, destination, home contact, etc, etc. - Cailean MacLeod
Greenland Kayaks
Interesting .pdf with a lot of historical background. Thanks to Erling for the original .pdf.
Kit List
Kit Packing List - Word.doc so you can personalise - Zoe Newsam
Understanding lat/long & OS grid refs - Cailean MacLeod
Night Paddling
Night paddling safety - Cailean MacLeod
Paddling Speed
How far and how fast can you paddle - Cailean MacLeod
Posting Images
How to post images, links & quotes on the Community Forum - Mike Buckley
Rule of 3rds
Understanding tides - Cailean MacLeod
Sea Kayak Safety
Thoughts on safety - Cailean MacLeod
Tidal Allowance
Crib sheet with % time increase/decrease to allow for tide - also includes useful summary of windspeed etc. (Word doc) - Julian Patrick
Tidal Planning
Thoughts on allowing for the effect of tides - Cailean MacLeod
Tidal Planning Matrix
Pro-forma to help with Tidal Planning calculations - Cailean MacLeod
Tidal Constants for Anglesey
Crib sheet showing info for Anglesey (Word doc) - Julian Patrick
VHF Channels
List of all marine VHF channels, including details of "working channels" - Mike Buckley
VHF Emergency Protocols
Procedures for Mayday, Pan Pan and Phonetic Alphabet - Mike Buckley
Wind - Land & Sea
Understanding wind - Cailean MacLeod
Wind - Land & Sea - Part 2
Understanding wind - Part 2 - Cailean MacLeod
Coping in the Wilderness
Article on "Leave no Trace" camping techniques - Mike Buckley
How did the Environment Survive Your Visit?
Article on Wilderness Camping, originally published in Paddles Magazine - Douglas Wilcox


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