Approaching the Garvellachs - Pic: Douglas Wilcox

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Artic kayaking pictures from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography

Aerial photographs of Scotland.

Caring for electronic gear in a "wet" environment - discussion

Cases - Pelicases / Outdoor.Cases - discussion (from the Inland Forum) with comments on Pelicase problems and offering an alternative from Outdoor.Cases See also this discussion

Digital Cameras - Waterproof cameras (of all sorts) are a frequent topic of debate on the Inland and Sea Forums - go to the Forum's Search Page and type "camera" (or a makers name etc) into the keyword search box and hit "search". For the latest discussions click here, and here for a discussion on ordinary DSLR.

Digital cameras for paddlers - article from the US magazine Canoe & Kayak. Cameras Underwater seem to specialise in underwater cameras.

Digital camera reviews from DP and

Digital Image processing - discussion on processing digital pics and what software to use. See also this discussion on the Inland Board with a lot of info about using PhotoShop and setting exposures.

Drying out a Pentax Optio 33WR - discussion from the Inland board.

Extreme Vision Systems make the kit used by Justine Curgenven in her superb sea-kayking-action DVD's.

Film ASA - discussion

HD waterproof camcorders - discussion

Inspirational photos of paddling in Scotland, by Douglas Wilcox on

Optio WP and Sony U60 - discussion comparing these, and mentioning other possibilities for waterproof digital cameras. See also this discussion

Photography - from sea kayaks - a lengthy discussion on taking pics from a sea kayak

Photography - how to take good shots - see this interview with Galen Rowell on Simon Willis' site - also this discussion. have a good article on taking pics.

Posting images (and links) in the Community Forum - instructions on how to do it.

Sunset photos - discussion

Using depth of field for creative photography - article from



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