Wonderful camp site on the west side of Jura - Pic: Tim Dawson.

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BushcraftUK - excellent forum with a mass of outdoors, camping and "bushcraft" material useful to us.

Bivi bags and minimalist camping

Bothies - location map from the MBA.

Camping & outdoors techniques in the archives of, including a large range of outdoor cookery ideas in the sub-section headed "Alimentary, My Dear — Food and Cooking"

Camping kit - things to take - discussion

Cookers - see Stoves.

Cooking ideas - more than you could shake a frying pan at, from Wavelength Magazine. SOTP has a thread on simple recipies. BushcraftUK has a sub forum dedicated to outdoor cooking.

Cooking in Camp - discussion. See this discussion for thoughts on recipies and menus. See this discussion for ideas on cooking technique. This discussion is about cooking on expeditions.

Cookware - discussion on choosing.

DIY kit making - see the Clothing section of the DIY / Repairs / Mods page

Environment / Camping / Human Waste etc - "Low Impact Camping" techniques, how to crap in the wild and how to minimise our impact from fires, washing up etc. See also this article by Douglas Wilcox - How did the Environment Survive Your Visit? (.pdf) originally published in Paddles Magazine. Environmental guidelines from the SCA. Dealing with Human Waste - discussion. The Poop Tube is a neat way of packing out human waste, made from pvc pipe. The Restop bags are worth considering as a hygenic and practical way of packing out human waste, although finding them in UK as of 2016 is difficult. Alternatives might be the Green Loo and Travel John systems which seem to do essentially the same thing. Fabulous suggestion in this post from SoTP for the "cheek spreader" - a simple concept to make toileting in the wild much more comfortable!

Fires - excellent article from on starting fires, and the different types of fire and their uses.

Fishing, Food & "kayaking food ideas" - discussion here, here and here. See also this discussion for ideas on kit to use.

Flasks - see the Equipment page.

Food / recipes - discussion.

Food for expeditions - discussion

Food and cooking equipment - excellent article from on the cooking kit you need, as well as some great ideas for choosing and packing food, and some menu ideas. Very much geared to the "gourmet" and/or "group" side of the topic, and with a heavy US bias, but well worth reading.

Food - edible seaweeds and shellfish - discussion

Food - dehydrating - excellent illustrated article from Simon Willis. See also this discussion

Fuel names in various parts of the world - useful to know that meths is called "Husholdnings sprit" in Denmark or "Kondensfjerner" in Norway.

Kelly Kettle - this discussion has some nice pics of these interesting devices. (If you like that sort of thing) - this discussion compares Kelly Kettle, Jetboil, ordinary gas stove and a flask for ease of heating water. See also this "Laboratory Performance, Preliminary Evaluation" article from See Douglas Wilcox's review of the KK and other quick-brew stoves on his blog.

Knives - provides a wealth of resources for anyone "into" knives, including an excellent article on using the Lansky sharpening system. This YouTube video by Lansky shows how to use their system. This discussion considers the legal aspects of carrying a knife, and also has some suggestions for choice of knife. Britishblades also has this FAQ on the legalities of knives, and also this interesting (and lengthy) discussion.

Knots - some kayaking related knots - from - more useful than you'd think! Knots, lashings, etc - good resource from Knots on the Web. Knots, lashings & splices from Rope Works, who claim - "Through the use of Rope Works publications and this site you will be able to learn to tie knots, splice rope, build lashed sructures, and make rope with confidence." Animated has a wide range of "how to tie" material with clear animated instructions. offers instructions on how to tie many knots, bends and hitches. Nice clear diagrams for a range of knots and hitches from the Unofficial RFA website. A nice "lanyard knot", from From Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay, some basic knots: the clove hitch, bowline, figure eight, fishermans, truckers and prussic knots. Needlesports have some instructions for climbers knots, useful for us too.

Lymes disease - see Ticks.

Midges (the dreaded Scottish midge - the scourge of the Highlands!) - Midge Forecast. Midge Repellant and other strategies to keep the little darlings away (or not) - discussion.

Saws - very useful thing to have - the Silky range is excellent as they are made for the professional market. The Zubat is a superb bit of kit, capable of cutting substantial bits of timber quickly and easily.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code - Statutory Access Rights and the Scottish Access Code came into effect 9 February 2005. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 grants some useful Rights & Responsibilities. Please exercise them appropriately

Sleeping Bags - RAB make superb sleeping bags, liners, down jackets etc and have some synthetic filled bags which would be good for kayak camping. PHD Mountain Software offer a range of down kit, including a "made to measure" service for sleeping bags. offer a wide range of budget priced kit, including sleeping bags - seemingly well regarded though.

Sleeping bags - down - discussion.

Sleeping bag liners (silk) - discussion

Sleeping mats (self-inflating) - discussion covering a variety of mats including Thermarest & Exped. offer a wide range of budget priced kit, including sleeping mats - seemingly well regarded though.

Stoves - this discussion from the Inland Forum has some comments about multifuel stoves and Trangias. (Never use soap-filled-wire-pads to clean your Trangia. Apparantly the ‘soap’ in the pads contains a rust-inhibitor which ironically corrodes the aluminium of your Trangia over a period of time no matter how well you think you’ve rinsed it off. Sure, the brillo will bring it up shiny and clean in no time, but over a period of years, the aluminium of the pans will develop ‘pits’ and finally holes.) See also this discussion, and this discussion. Douglas Wilcox reviews some quick-brew stoves on his blog. This discussion has thoughts on Trangia, MSR and Primus stoves. For background on how various stoves work, and ideas for making your own, see Zen Backpacking Stoves. If you want to simmer with an MSR Whisperlite, check this article. Aspen 4T (about £18 for 5 ltrs) is a good alternative to Coleman fuel (which is about £7 for 500 mls!) and rather cleaner burning than unleaded petrol. This discussion is about various multifuel stoves, notably MSR Dragonfly and Primus Omnifuel and also references gas Trangias and fuel suggestions. This discussion references the Markill / Vaude adaptors to convert a puncture or clip-on gas canister to a screw thread fitting, including a warning about them! This converter allows the burner from a vintage Optimus Hiker stove to be used in a Trangia.

Stoves - comparison between MSR Whisperlite International and Trangias running on meths and gas.

Stoves / lamps - spare parts for - see the Repairs & DIY page.

Stoves / lamps - everything you ever wanted to know about stoves is on Classic Camp Stoves - for lamps, see Classic Pressure Lamps.

Tents - discussion on the Terra Nova Ultra Quasar and general discussion on tent choices. More here. This discussion references a wide range including Hilleberg tents. See also this discussion for Vango, Hilleberg and Terra Nova and Saunders. This discussion references the Hilleberg Atko, Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT, Vaude MkII and Mountain Hardwear Trango 2. This discussion references significant problems with pole breakage on a Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 and the later Vaude Hogan, Mk II and Power Atreus models. Bivvy / 1 man tents - discussion.

Tents - reviews - Vaude Mk II (Long) - Vaude Power Atreus.

Tent light - how to convert an Osram Dot-It into a hanging light. The Alpkit Bulb II is excellent value for the price.

Ticks - potentially very dangerous as they can carry Lymes disease, which you really don't want! See this discussion. See also this article from the US PubMedHealth site, and this article from Various methods of removing them (including the excellent "O'Tom Tick Removal Tool") and additional information are detailed in this article from the Lyme Disease Association.

Water purification - good article from - even in UK, concerns are growing about the quality of water in streams and burns. There is even a suggestion that giardia is now a risk in UK, so the article is worth looking at. See also this discussion

Wild camping - legalities - discussion. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code came into effect 9 February 2005. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 grants some useful Rights & Responsibilities. Please exercise them appropriately.


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