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Angmagssalik - Geoff Hunter's book - discussion containing numerous references to this historic kayak.

Blaeu Atlas of Scotland 1654 - The first Atlas of Scotland, containing 49 engraved maps and 154 pages of descriptive text, translated from Latin into English for the first time. From the National Library of Scotland

Books - what do people have in their "library"? - discussion

Books - Abebooks.com and BookFinder.com - useful resources for finding all sorts of books. See also the UKSKGB Reviews page and reviews by Mark Rainsley in UKRGB's Book Review section.

Campfire / folk songs - Scottish & Irish Songs (some with .midi files) can be found here and there's a wealth of traditional folk songs (with tunes) here.

"Canoe Boys" - this discussion has lots of info and links to Simon Willis' superb Radio Scotland series about the Canoe Boys journey on the West Coast.

Chronology of Sea Kayak Expeditions - from Expeditionkayak.com, is an attempt to consolidate numerous records and accounts of sea kayak expeditions throughout the history of the sport.

Cockleshell Heroes - 2nd World War heroes. See also this humorous take on the story on the Inland discussion board.

Future of Sea Kayaking? - discussion

Greenland Kayaks - interesting .pdf with a lot of historical background. Thanks to Erling for the original .pdf. Duncan Winning kindly provided an article on the history of the Greenland kayak, incorporating the "family tree" of some 43 different craft. There is also a very detailed history of the Greenland Kayak's importance to UK sea kayaking entitled "It's Inuit int.it?". A version of this article also appears in Sea Kayaker magazine and there is also a short summary on Garnock Canoe Club's website. Paul Caffyn's article "The Long Journey Home for a Greenland Kayak" also details some interesting history from his 1999 trip to West Greenland. Wonderful illustrated report by Ken Taylor of his 1959 trip. Further reading on the Greenland Kayak, notably the differences between East and West Greenland types can be found in the article by Sandy Noyes, page 54. in the Summer 2011 issue of Masik. It also contains an article on the various other types of kayaks used by native peoples, itself interesting in that the rationale between hunting craft and boats designed for travel is clearly evident. The article on the Nordkapp contains these, and other references to the development of the Greenland kayak. The Summer 2013 issue of Masik contains a fascinating and in-depth article on "Deconstructing Greenland Kayaks" which describes the background to how these boats were built.

Hunting by Kayak - some historical background from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Kayak and paddle design in Kullorsuaq Greenland - an interview with Nikolaj Jensen with much useful background into paddle making and the rationale for kayak design.

Kayaking History - the KASK website has some articles and interesting links to various bits of kayaking history.

Lighthouses - fascinating insight into how the Bell Rock Lighthouse, and others, was built.

Little Ross Island, Kirkcudbright Bay - a tale of dark deeds and murder.

Nansen, Fridtjof - and the North Pole kayaks

Nautical Terms - Feeling "groggy", "under the weather" or is your life "chock a block"? All terms from our sea-faring background.

Origins and use of the Inuit kayak - discussion, with links to a podcast by Duncan Winning and some history linking to todays popular designs.

Risktaking.co.uk offers a fascinating insight into the "psychology of risk taking for general readers, and specialised support for psychologists"

The Art of Kayaking - fascinating report from the 1932 "Official Account of the British Arctic Air Route Expedition" which describes in considerable detail hunting and kayaking techniques.

Traditional Innuit Kayak techniques and paddle designs can all be found on Qujaq USA's site.

Traditional Kayaks - superb site - "Appreciating and Understanding Arctic Kayak Designs Through Research, Replication, and Use" - by Harvey Golden

Valley Canoe Products (VCP) brochures. The complete 1985 brochure and details of the Selkie sea kayak (.pdfs). Thanks to Arnold Kuiter from Utrecht for these. The complete 2005 Valley / Great River Outfitters catalogue for 2005 gives an interesting US perspective and some useful detail of Valley boats at a time of significant transition. Thanks to Jim Wilson for it.

Virtual Kayak Museum - considerable historic detail on Greenland kayaks, hunting equipment etc. Well worth a look.

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"Campfire Conversations" - virtual interviews with some significant people in the world of sea-kayking.

Jeff Allen's just paddled round Japan.

Justine Curgenven is known for her wonderful sea-kayaking DVD's.

Sean Morley really needs no introduction!

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"German Coastguard" - a superb piece of movie humour. Thanks to CCL.

"Men & Manliness" - superb movie ad for Carlton Beer showing how a canoe is essential to career success. (Or not?)

"Orca Breaching" great little movie clip showing an Orca breaching and apparently capsizing a paddler - sadly, it's a "fake" (see here - done for advertising apparently), but good fun! Thanks to Clive Joyner for the file.

"USS Montana" - an old joke, turned into a great movie clip by Silva.

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Poetry & Writings

"Fair Weather Friend" - poetry by Mike Thomson, on the weather forecast for sea paddlers.

"Sea Heaven" - poetry by tg, on the joys of rediscovery.

"Sea Lament" - a moody reflection on the sea by tg.

"Stornoway Coastguard" - a little "poetry", by A.C.Paddler.

"The Class System" - a humorous view of the kayaking hierarchy, by ChrisS.

"The Deep " - poetry by tg, on big waves.

"The Lendal Paddlers" - more of A.C.Paddlers "poetry".

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